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Why MacBooks Are More Expensive Than The Usual Laptops

Everyone knows that MacBooks are more expensive than most of other laptop brands and today I’ll discuss with you why these MacBooks are that expensive. MacBooks are all Apple laptops that appear in various specs and these include MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro. They are famously known for being powerful, smooth, and highly reliable and of course very expensive. Another big feature that makes them famous is the high performance and use of creative software and connectivity to other Apple products and services.

Before I dig into the reasons why Macbooks are more expensive than the usual laptops brands, I intend to first look at the new Macbook Pro.

On 27th October, Apple CEO, Tim Cook with his team introduced the new MacBook Pro at the “Hello Again” keynote in Cupertino, California, to celebrate the MacBook’s 25th anniversary. Let’s look at these features.

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For the computer ports, the new MacBook Pro has four Thunderbolt 3 ports, this definitely includes a USB, thunderbolt and power source connector. Moreover, any of the ports can be used for a power source connection, thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, or VGA, but there’s sure to be even more options for connecting unique accessories and you can connect your computer to anything.

  • Touch bar

For the new macbook pro, the works to effectively replace the function keys along the top of your keyboard, and adapts itself to whichever app you’re using. This is a wonderful and adventurous quality that changes computer usage. If am to dig deep, then I will describe some of the features you need to see.

  • Touch Bar will offer access to emojis, GIFs, and reactions.
  • In video-editing apps like iMovie and Final Cut Pro, the touch Bar acts as a scrubbing device.
  • A move toward smart messaging, the touch bar will also show you QuickType keyboard suggestions.
  • The Touch Bar will display shortcuts to favorite sites and a search engine bar including Apps like PhotoShop and Microsoft Office which will also be compatible.

In addition to the touch bar, there’s a Touch ID, where once you enroll your fingerprint in the Touch ID for MacBook, you can log into your computer with a tap then you can authorize Apple Pay purchases, and then switch users when on a shared computer.

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  • A thermal management system: Unlike the former models of the Macbook Pro that had giant vents cut into the back, with loud humming fans pumping out warm air, the new macbook pros thermal management system is quieter and has a state-of-the-art cooling system.
  • Thinnest and lightest so far: The new MacBook Pro is the thinnest and lightest ever of all former models. This new macbook is 17% thinner and weighs a half a pound less than the previous laptops.

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Why MacBooks are more expensive than the usual laptops

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 1. Security

While most laptops are known for constant malicious attacks, MacBooks have less cases of such attacks probably because they are few and not owned by so many people. Over the years, MacBooks have continually shown to suffer less malicious attacks than most usual laptops. The fact that there are many different kinds of usual laptops that most people own, this gives malicious attacks an easy way to go. With this, someone who wants a secure laptop will purchase a MacBook regardless of the price. With this, apple puts its products at this high rate, making them more expensive than the usual laptops.


2. They come with excellent software included

The one great quality that makes Mackbooks more expensive than the usual laptops is that they come with excellent software included in the whole laptop package. This means that when you buy a MacBook, it comes out of its box with an impressive collection of very useful apps that include, iTunes, photos, iMovie, Garageband and many that you actually find already installed in the computer. However, with usual computers, you obviously have to first download most of the software apps that you may need to use a thing that MacBooks have over these computers. This alone justifies the fact that MacBooks are more expensive than the usual laptops.


3. Build quality

One thing about Apple is that it prides itself on design which means that it spends years working on how its products look including the internals of their devices that always appear beautifully constructed and lasting long. This means that when you want to buy a powerful laptop that is built to the highest standards then you have to go for a MacBook. For example, the MacBook Air is one of the lightest and most portable laptop ever. It is endowed with an outstanding design and build quality, a maximum thickness of 17 mm and a weight of just 1.08 kg. Finding it on market, it is most definitely more expensive than most usual laptops. With this build quality, it means that a MacBook is not just a simple laptop and finding it on market would mean that it is set apart from the usual laptops making it more expensive. In addition to this, MacBook’s have the best screens and they are just something that sets them apart from other usual laptops.

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4. User satisfaction

I have a friend who owns a Macbook together with an Iphone, he says he cannot leave apple for any other brand. He is so satisfied with his macbook regardless of the fact that he bought it expensively. He feels it was worth the cost. This alone justifies the fact that he is satisfied with using his Macbook.  Over years, Macs have proved to satisfy the users and having spent more than a decade proving customer satisfaction surveys, the MacBooks have evidently given their users maximum satisfaction.

Moving on a reality page, in this article on why macbooks are more expensive, its evidenced that expensive brands are always durable, of quality and usually satisfy the users. This is no different from macbooks. From my discussion. you will realise that these computers have a deep quality that you hardly find in the normal computers.

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