Just like an email account, a WhatsApp account can also be hacked. Most people have never realised that it is possible for a WhatsApp account to be hacked. In most cases, people have become victims of WhatsApp hacked accounts, however, they never take the time to realise that an intruder can get access to their WhatsApp conversations.

It is very important for everyone to understand that their WhatsApp account can be hacked. However, WhatsApp has implemented a high level of security to an extent that for a hacker to be able to get into your WhatsApp account, they will have to spend a huge amount of resources and time.

This means that the highest possibility of your account being hacked is that the intruder had access to your phone or any other device that you use for your WhatsApp.

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How To Know  If Your WhatsApp Account Has Been Hacked or Compromised

I discovered that to know if your WhatsApp has been hacked, I need to take you through ways by which your account can be hacked. With these, you will be able to know whether your WhatsApp has been hacked or not.

  • Using WhatsApp Web



I hope you know about this activity where you can use WhatsApp web and WhatsApp from your smartphone, both at the same time. However, someone else, can use this activity to get into all your WhatsApp conversations. The moment one gets access to your device, especially your phone, they can quickly scan your WhatsApp QR code, and can now access your entire WhatsApp conversation in that short time. Yes, it is true that they’re also able to use the WhatsApp web from a different computer than yours. So this gives anyone a possibility to access your Whatsapp account from anywhere in the world for as long as they can access the WhatsApp QR code.

  • Access to your device backup file

This works even when you have locked your WhatsApp with the AppLock. However, it should be noted that this hack affects only those devices that do not have the recently updated WhatsApp. The moment the hacker gets access to your device, within minutes they will be able to read all your conversations from another device. After getting your backup file using the file manager, they can send it via Bluetooth to another device, or they can use auto backup apps like backup text for WhatsApp and directly email all your WhatsApp conversations in plain text by installing this app in your device and when they are through, they uninstall it. With just these, they will access all your chats even when your WhatsApp is locked.

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  • Using Wi-Fi network with WhatsApp Sniffer

Just like it is risky using wifi with your email account, it is also possible for your whatsapp to be compromised with the whatsapp sniffer via a wifi network. Because every device has a unique mac address, if the hacker is able to spoof your mac address then he will be able to see all your WhatsAppp activity.

  • Using third party spyware

There are some other third party spyware which claim to hack WhatsApp conversation. Apps like mspy are paid and often require the intruder to install a small piece of software on your device, which will get them to your whatsapp conversations.

From my discussion of how your WhatsApp can be hacked, I now think you are able to know whether your account is being compromised or not.

 Ways To Safeguard Your WhatsApp account

1. Avoid using WhatsApp on any WiFi network that you come across

The most favourable way for hackers to access your apps is through insecure wifi connections. It should be known that most email hacks are through insecure wifi networks and so is all other apps on your mobile phone including your whatsapp account. Using insecure wifi network connections is a very risky activity and it could be the one way through which your WhatsApp account could be compromised. Stay away from insecure wifi connections and this includes random wifi networks that you come across anywhere. This will prevent you from this risk of your WhatsApp account being hacked.

Also, please be informed that an intruder is able to access your device if you’re both on the same local or wifi network connection. That’s why its highly advised not to login into public and unsecured networks.

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2. Never let anyone get access to your phone

After discovering that with just a minute of accessing your phone, anyone can use the WhatsApp web, or a backup file to access your WhatsApp conversations, you ought to know that it is very risky to let anyone access your phone. Another thing to note is that WhatsApp is connected to your account with your phone’s IMEI number, which is unique to every single mobile device. Getting access to this number could get you whole phone activities to be hacked including your WhatsApp account. Ensure that no stranger gets access to your phone.

3. Block installation from unknown sources

Allowing installation of apps on your phone from unknown sources leaves your phone vulnerable for hacking in case someone gets access to your phone. It is very helpful to block access to file manager on your phone. Also, you should lock the play store and settings to stop installation from unknown sources.

4. Lock WhatsApp

It is essential to have the applock that will help you lock your WhatsApp. It is true that WhatsApp does not offer this feature within itself, but you can download an app that you can use to lock your WhatsApp with a password or PIN. This will help you prevent anyone who accesses your phone from accessing your WhatsApp account since they will require a password to open it.

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Here is a Quick Fix

The moment you suspect unusual activity in your WhatsApp account activities, then it is no doubt someone is poking their nose in your WhatsApp chats and conversations. If they are using WhatsApp web, then you can confirm this:

  1. Open Whatsapp on your phone,
  2. Tap on the 3 vertical dots on the top right
  3. Then tap on WhatsApp web, a new window will open,
  4. Here see the list of last used clients, if you don’t recognise it, then chances are someone is hacking into your conversations and WhatsApp activities on your phone.

Note: To stop this, tap on Log out from all computers. This will stop the hacker from accessing your activities. However, this should be a caution for you to always check this and log out from all devices.

I strongly believe that when this is followed, you can be able to check if there is unusual activity in your phone and also be able to prevent all other ways through which a hacker can get into your account.

I hope this article helps you to secure your WhatsApp account from being hacked. Let me know what you think in the comment box below. And in a case that i left out anything, kindly let me know.

Credit to: VisiHow, TechWiser, HackingScams and Ekyakunzire Ruth.