4 Legit Ways To Make Money On The Internet In Uganda

Ways To Make Money On The Internet

Glad you are here… There’re several ways to make money on the internet in Uganda. But let me assume first that you’re really interested to start living the internet lifestyle and earn a couple of dollars or even pounds daily or monthly. I would like to assure you that its very possible. I have personally done a couple of businesses online and i have earned. You want proof?, I have shared the same in the recent articles here. But, there are two things i would like to mention before we go any further.

This article is not here to share with you any get rich quick method or to show you ways of how you can make millions overnight. If that’s what you’re looking for, kindly don’t waste your time here. My belief is that for any business you will ever carry out whether online or offline and earn from it, you should believe in whatever you are selling or whatever you offer or servicing maybe. Here, i will share a couple of ideas and legit ways to make money on the internet in Uganda.

I honestly couldn’t write this article before actually showing you how you will receive your payments. That is the reason i published a Definitive Guide: How To Receive Online Payments In Uganda before. If you haven’t checkout it yet, be ready to do so after here.

Before i dig deep, the ideas i am going to share with you on how to make money on the internet in Uganda are legit and are methods i have used myself and those that i have seen colleagues profit from. These businesses may not be based in Uganda, but by sitting in the comfort of your home, hotel or office, you will be able to run your business without even you boss noticing.

Please note that you can go out and do all that random stuff for some quick money, but unless you are aware of your passion/talents you can not build an ecosystem around it to generate regular and growing internet based business/income.

 To Make Money On The Internet, 

1) You will need to analyse your primary skills, your passions and your life objectives

2) Find out what is market relevant and what you can learn and be done online

3) Create a short term and a long term plan with reference to milestones and revenue expectations

4) Launch your services accordingly. Let it be logo/media design, filling out surveys, outsourcing marketplace, crowdsourcing, drop shipping, affiliate marketing to mention but a few.

Note that:

1) Either you take a niche and grow in that area or

2) Have a broad portfolio and grow your network/team to share projects, and work on the standard rate card.

Have your own platform and attract various clients/projects, use various freelancing platform to get initial business.

By doing all, keep a focus on your primary skills; and later form an organic team of people who share the same values/skills.

There are several great ways to make money online and I would like to share with you what worked for me. It may not have been sustainable or I may not have used the system for a long time, but i earned out of it and your results maybe way different from person to person. Yes, I was a pre-press officer before I became self-employed and earning online. I was sick about my 8:30am to 9:00pm job (the way its done in Uganda) and I have tried several ways to make money online. Some worked and some not.

Let me start by listing a few ways to make money on the internet that I tried but didn’t work out.

Most of these are over strenuous and I wouldn’t advise you to waste your time.

#1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Mechanical turk is a service offered by Amazon that allows users the complete Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT’s) for various amounts of money (2 cents -$45/HIT). Some HIT’s are very simple and some require previous knowledge or training. With some serious dedication and time, one can make a decent amount of money from home.

#2. Online Surveys and Review

It is almost impossible to make a sustainable income by just filling online surveys. If you are looking for a way to make $50 – $100 per month. There are legitimate paid survey sites you can make money.

Although it is the simplest and the most straightforward way to make money online as it does not require any special skills and qualification, it is not possible to make a living by filling up surveys. Again, you will not be able to make a sustainable income.

#3. User Testing

With this, you are actually paid for testing websites, apps and giving your feedback. It doesn’t require any special skills and you may make any amount from about USD 1 and USD 15 per user testing. The challenge here is that you need all day internet connection and checking your email for any new surveys. I would like to mention that’s it’s very saturated and testings are sent based on your Geo location. I noticed that there are not so many tests available for user testers in Africa and Uganda to be very specific. So it would be a very big waste of time and resources.

So, lets us now dive into

Ways To Make Money On The Internet In Uganda

#1. Drop shipping

This is a very cool and awesome way to make legit money on the internet in Uganda. This may require you $29 or even $0 as investment according to your skills.

It is a method where the seller sells a product that belongs to a different supplier. A customer purchasing a given product on your store gives you all the details necessary for you to purchase the same product from the manufacturer at much cheaper price and send it directly to the customer using his / her shipping details.

Example: You are selling a jacket worth $10 on your online store – customer buys the jacket – you are buying the same jacket for $4 from the manufacturer site using customers shipping details – you keep the profit.

It is a growing business model that has many advantages.

  1. You do not need stock any products as everything is shipped from the supplier directly to the customer
  2. Simple and easy to set up
  3. You can sell hundreds of products
  4. You set the price
  5. Very profitable if done right

What you’re required to get started?

An Online store. You may use any of the free drag and drop platforms like WordPress, Shopify, WIX etc

An Aliexpress account. This is similar to eBay but sells products very cheap and supports Drop Shipping

A PayPal account. Reading this article, you will able to know how to open and start receiving payments.

An Idea, you can sell anything you want, from clothes, toys to screens and phones. You set the price.

Oberto, this is a product importer.  With one click you import products to your store along with pictures and descriptions. It also automatically orders the product from the supplier and ships it to the customer.

#2. Freelancing

Freelancer.com is the most popular portal which allows you to bid on projects, there are lots of projects in freelancer. But as high as the projects, there are lots of bidders also which makes freelancer a tough platform to survive, but once you get good reviews it’s very easy to get projects.

Apart from freelancer, there are other websites where you can do freelancing like Odesk, Elance, Project4Hire, GetaCoder, and ThemeForest.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, in exchange for your promotion of a third-party product or service, you will receive a percentage of sales every time a customer makes a purchase through your link.

There are more than three billion internet users (the audience) and these people are looking (searching) for things all the time. They are looking for information and to buy products. That is where you are going to come in with your website/landing page and help these “audiences” by offering them information about what they are looking. You will be helping these people and earning revenue in the process.

Sounds easy, right? It is. Here’s how to make it work for you

1. Embrace products that make sense.

The easiest and most natural context for an affiliate product is something that most have these days, a blog – especially if you already have a following. If readers have come to trust you and your recommendations, they will consider purchasing a product you endorse. However, this is certainly not the only way to be successful. Options like social media, paid ads, and email marketing can help drive your affiliate marketing success.

So, how do you choose an affiliate program? Find a natural fit. If you sell a product that is out of line with and doesn’t have a natural appeal to your audience, your readers will be repelled by the idea that they’re being sold to.

2. Choose the right model.

If you can’t find a way to make a product fit into your content strategy naturally – and you feel deeply that you want to promote it – consider trying varies platforms, like forums, Facebook and whatsapp groups specifically devoted to people in that target market.

Suppose you love fashion or maybe you’re all about the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets. These are both great opportunities for affiliate marketing. However, if your current blog, website or social platform (if you have any of these) might not be the best fit. Try your hand at a pay-per-click campaign, all you need is an account, a landing page and a small budget to get started!

Again, though, be careful – if it is easy to sense that you’ve endorsed a product you don’t actually like, you’ll lose trust. And then you’re just another Internet spammer.

3. Invest in a compelling visual brand.

Last but not least, remember that design is important. Beautiful images in your display ads or quality website design are a strong signal to potential customers that you are selling a quality product. Slapping together a shoddy design and expecting it to convert won’t work any better for you than it does for any other type of company.

If you don’t have the skills to build yourself a top-notch site or design compelling graphics, invest in a quality designer and copywriter to help you get your project off the ground. They’ll be able to help you set up your business for successful conversion. After all, if you’re going to put the time into starting a new venture, don’t you want to succeed?

Whether you want to supplement your current income or go out on your own, affiliate marketing truly can be a path to profit. Invest in a strong idea and avoid taking shortcuts, and you’ll find yourself on the way to a new line of income in no time.

#4. Fiverr

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $500. Depending on your skill and passions, you can easily sell your services using this platform from Graphics & DesignDigital MarketingWriting & TranslationVideo & AnimationMusic & AudioProgramming & TechBusiness and Fun & Lifestyle.

My personal experience with Fiverr sellers is that most will deliver on time and the results may assume to be great but over a time, you will realise that the same work/piece they did for you looks the same with some other stuff you will find on the internet. There seems to be no uniqueness. But if you establish yourself as an authority in your field, you will get a bunch of gigs.

In Conclusion

My personal advice is that you start now and keep learning. I would recommend using YouTube as a teaching resource and some forums that are based on your field of interest. It’s better you major in a specific field. Let’s say you will write PHP code for other developers, just concentrate on that. There are hundreds if not thousands of people mostly students and businesses online looking for specifically that service from someone like you.

If this article on legit ways to make money on the internet in Uganda has in some way been of help to you, kindly leave your feedback in the comment box below. Let me know what you think or what i may add up to the list.

Last Updated: 14th Nov 2017

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