Use Instagram To Prepare Your Whatsapp Profile Picture 2

How To Use Instagram To Prepare Your Whatsapp Profile Picture

Did you actually ever think that its possible to use Instagram To Prepare Your Whatsapp Profile Picture and perhaps vice versa.  Well, you could use Instagram without actually posting to Instagram (at least, until it’s the perfect time to) and saving that picture into your gallery.

When you will get the saved filtered picture in your gallery, then you could use it for making your Whatsapp profile picture. Remember, in this trick, you won’t need to install any other application.

Surprisingly, the image size of saved picture is exactly as equal to the one which is needed for Whatsapp profile pic. So, there is no need to crop the picture further. This quick tip will allow you to use multiple filters in the same photo.

Use Instagram To Prepare Your Whatsapp Profile Picture

Use Instagram To Prepare Your Whatsapp Profile Picture

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Step 1. Choose your photo and edit like you normally would within Instagram (applying a filter, adjusting contrast, cropping, or selecting a border).

Step 2: Turn Airplane Mode On

Step 3. Go back to Instagram and “share” your photo. You will notice a “Failed” warning. That’s OK. In this rare case, it actually means success!

Step 4. Click the “X” to remove the picture from Instagram.

Step 5. Open up your phone’s photo library. That picture, with the Instagram filter and edits, would appear as the most recent photo !! Now whenever you’re ready to post that pic, just go back into Instagram and share it properly.

Step 6. Turn “Airplane Mode” off. Your mother may be calling!

Step 7: Put edited picture as your Whatsapp profile picture. The quality of picture remains nearly unaltered and there is no need to install some other editing Apps for your profile picture.

Note: Instead of turning on Airplane Mode, you could turn off your WiFi and Data Connection too.

I hope this article on how to use Instagram To Prepare Your Whatsapp Profile Picture had been of help to you. Kindly share with me any other ideas you could be having in the comment box below.

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