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Why would anyone need an iphone tracking app, surely you are not working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). But that won’t stop me from writing about the top tracking apps for iphone.

The need to track your iphone would crop up only when you have a problem and then reminisce as to why you did not use modern technology when you had access to it.

We live in the 21st century and have many technological advances which are advantageous to us which two generations before did not have access to.

So employing these technologies to reduce stress, and live an anxiety free life would be what we should do and towards that using available technology is a prerogative we have.

One of the better reasons that we should use a tracking app for iphone would be to ensure that our family is safe and beyond that there are many other issues where this technology would be useful.

Security would be a priority in these troubled times, and it would be a way of ensuring that all security personnel engaged under you are at the precise locations that they are supposed to be.

There could also be personnel working for you who would be on the field attending to various chores under you instructions, and an iphone tracking app would show you whether they are on the job or elsewhere.

It would be advantages to you too, when you have installed the best tracking app for iphone in the device you would be carrying.

This would allow your secretary or any other employee to inform you of any issues to be attended to, if you are in close proximity to a place that your presence would be urgently needed.

These are just some of the issues that would be within the jurisdiction of the law and your prerogative as to how an iphone tracking app could be used.

Anyone using a tracking app for iphone beyond the realms of decency and the law could be liable for prosecution in a court of law.

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We have selected the following 10 top tracking apps for iphone.

To help you even if you have misplaced your iphone which could be found with a track my iphone app.


#1. iphone tracking app

This app works silently and could provide you information when you need it by checking the details by monitoring it through any convenient browser available.

It is equipped with Location Monitor and Multiple Device Tracking, consumes less power, ability to update fast, screen protected by password and it is a free iphone tracking app.


#2. Phone Tracker for iPhone

Check the location of another iphone, its present movements and of the previous 24 hours, battery consumption is low, with ability to track two iphones simultaneously.

Can locate misplaced iphones, is permission-based with a simple registration process to get you going and it is a free iphone tracking app.


#3. iTrack for iPhones

Capture street level picture and movements of an iphone, the speed and direction of its movement and the exact location and its history over the preceding six hours.

Ability to zoom in/out, send pictures, multiple map option, compatible and can integrate with Facebook and is a free iphone tracking app and can monitor three iphones.


#4. GPS Tracker

Combines GPS capability and internet mapping in iphones to follow and locate others whilst relaying their movements over the last 12 hours with low battery usage.

Simple download with very easy operations to track anyone and find misplaced iphones which is a free iphone tracking app.


#5. Simple Location Tracker

Simple operations which could map your hotel and any other location you are unfamiliar with which needs to found in a hurry, especially your car in the large car parks.

Supports navigation with GPS Map and ability to track others too and is a very versatile and easy to use free iPhone tracking app.


#6. CocoSpy Cellphone Tracker

This has the ability to be used within a group, which could be family, friends, colleagues or employees to monitor and track locations using GPS tracking capability.

Works globally includes other useful applications, and usable on Facebook and Twitter, can direct emergencies but is NOT a free iphone tracking app but charges a nominal fee.


#7. LocoToWeb

This is also NOT a free iphone tracking app but charges a nominal fee which is affordable which is a real time GPS Tracker, which would provide distance, speed, duration and altitude.

Will pin point exact positions, relay tracking images, equipped with a Count Down timer, whilst tracking several others with live, dark and bright screen possibilities.


#8. Family Locator

This is a versatile free iphone tracking app and is good at tracking all family members simultaneously ensuring that they are in safe places and out of any danger if you know of any emergencies being alerted.

Low battery consumption, send free messages, check movements and track kids until they reach home safely after being in school or elsewhere.


#9. GPS – Tracks for iPhone

Just what you would need when you or other members of your family are out in the open especially on hiking trips, snow trails, site seeing and other tours, just to see that they are safe.

Map the complete route you or they would use and know the areas and their exact locations with easy installation and operation, this is a free iphone tracking app.


#10. InstaMapper GPS Tracking

This is also one of those fee payable iphone tracking app that has many useful advantages but is not a free iphone tracking app like many others listed above.

Send a link to a friend, family member or any other they could track you in real time and has the ability to add on up to 30 other devices and each could be tracked within the group.

This app is compatible with most social media sites which enable others to know your whereabouts if you need to disclose same, it also consumes little power to keep your battery running an extended time.

Let me know if this helped. See you in the comment section below.

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