Top Role Playing Games

top role playing games

Role playing games often abbreviated as RPG, is a contest where players take on designated characters in the game and play out their roles in a fictional setting.

The players act out the roles that their assumed characters would pitch their skills against others within a set narrative in the way which the story would unfold.

The game like any other would have rules which would be the set parameters for the role playing game and there would be a game master who would oversee the game.

The game master would decide within the set rules and the physical actions played out by the various players and then would pick the final winner as the game draws to an end.

There are single and multiplayer role playing games which would either pit one player against other fictional characters or many players opposing each other physically.

Players could interchange their roles and assume other characters when a new game begins which would give different players the chance to learn different skills and manage these levels.

We have selected the list of top role playing games presently popular among the young and the old as these games are bringing a new dimension how the young are enjoying their leisure times.

So check out which of these would catch your eye and find out more what they could offer and pick up one for a weekend of fun and frolic with family and friends.

These role playing games would keep you spellbound and excited once you master it and try to pit your skills against those who could be more versatile than you.


#1. Rifts

Set in a fictional age and place where the world is fast forwarded hundreds of years into the future where D-Bees or dimensional beings with magic and technology ruling the roost.

Magical energy would crisscross Earth opening up passages to other dimensions from where these D-beings would come and the ensuing turmoil would see chaos all around the world.


#2. World of Darkness

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This is one of the best horror online role playing games with everything associated with vampires, werewolves, and other iconic characters of horror making their mark in another Universe.

This is really horror at its best and would keep the players who assume and play their scary roles to be just like what their characters would be which would make the game very interesting.


#3. Mutants and Masterminds

The characters are the Mutants and Masterminds that we know of and each one would take a specific role and with an array of well known cartoon heroes the game would be played in best spirits.

Super Heroes are now a dime for a dozen which was not the case a few years back and have lost the luster that they had before but this is still one of the best role playing games online.


#4. Traveler

Science fiction based, which is a role playing games free to download which has been around for some time but has taken a few changes down the years if one may recall.

Certain aspects have been adjusted and modified from what it was before but it still holds players spellbound with excitement and wanting for more as it did before.


#5. Call of Cthulhu

Another specialized horror game like none other and is being brought down from the early 1920’s when horror was much talked about subject unlike today.

Here darkness is associated with horror but it is not to overcome it but to live with it and ensure you ride the darkness over to survive the time and the horror associated with it.


#6. Hackmaster

The obsession of a group of role playing game enthusiasts who helped to form this game which has caught the imagination of many who have had the opportunity to play it.

It is fiction like all the rest of the games but this is basically from the Dungeons and Dragons game or would be considered as a derivation from it.


#7. Gurps

Genetic Universe Role Playing System or GURPS it was a unique game where a single mechanic was used which had the opportunity to pit skills n many domains from horror to fiction.

This is the fourth edition that is available now which has not deviated much from what it was at the time it was introduced and it gaining in popularity as one of the best role playing games online.


#8. Savage Worlds

This is fast, furious and fun all put together and with a sustained pace once you start playing it has a system where everything would depend on the roll of the dice.

This would depend on four, six or eight sided dice that would roll to give a value and let the game move forward and if you engrossed in it the evening passing would be difficult to stop.

Like every role playing game this too has it pluses and has been providing the thrills and the spills to many and that may be the reason it is still around.


#9. Pathfinder

Expanded from Dungeons and Dragons but has a different and unique system which would keep every player on the edge of his or her seat as this is catching up wherever it was introduced.

The setting for the game and the way it would unfold towards the center of the game has an oriental touch to it which could be quite interesting when you pit skills with each of the characters.


#10. Dungeons and Dragons

There are no second thoughts this could be the best role playing games ever and has lived up to its expectations even though it has been around for some time.

Many have tried to copy and emulate the finesse with which this role playing games online has taken center stage but to no avail as this is the very best.

If you are contemplating which would be the best for you this could be the one that you may like to test yours and those who may join you.

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