top visited websites by Ugandans

The 10 Top Visited Websites by Ugandans and Why

In this article on the top visited websites by Ugandans, I discovered that we do have similar interests regarding what is happening in our country. Ugandans usually have differing ideologies and perceptions but it is all usually centred on alike interests. They want to know, they want to understand their country and they do focus on what is happening in their country socially, politically and economically.

Therefore, this means that they research and look for information on what they want to know through many means and this is through social media. Of course on the list of the top visited websites by Ugandans, the most popular ones are social media sites that Ugandans use such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Twitter and many others. However, there are many Ugandan websites that Ugandans visit the most.

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The 10 Top Most Visited Websites On The Internet in Uganda

1. Daily Monitor

The daily monitor is one of the most trusted news portals in Uganda, right from the newspaper to the website, Ugandans visit the monitor website for the latest political, economic, social and religious news. This is because, ofhere in Uganda, many things happen in every aspect of the country and monitor tends to always have authentic news about every issue happening in the country especially political issues. The monitor website is usually visited by professionals in offices, most graduates and students for information about what is taking place in the country.

2. New Vision

The New Vision is Uganda’s leading daily newspaper and so is the new vision website where most Ugandans visit for Ugandan news both local and international news. The gives Ugandans news and ideas both from the local part and the international part and it is usually taken as a corporate news portal. No wonder the new vision website is visited more often than many other news sites in Uganda.

3. Brighter Monday

Due to the big number of unemployed graduates in Uganda, (the biggest job advertising platform) is among the top visited websites by Ugandans in such for the jobs that are advertised daily on their site. In fact, most Ugandans even have signed into the brighter Monday website to get job updates in their email accounts almost every day. The high rates of unemployed graduates increase the number of Ugandans visiting Brighter Monday website in search of jobs of their career. This is because, on this website, they specify the area of interests of the job seeker and make sure that one looking for a job gets the job details of what they are interested in. By this, thousands of Ugandan unemployed graduates visit this site for job opportunities.

4. Jobline

Just like Brighter Monday website, Uganda is also among the top visited websites by Ugandans and one of the biggest sites where Ugandans hop into to search jobs. Unemployment being one of the biggest challenges among the youth in Uganda, especially graduates, the gets many visitors who are always seeking for jobs in Uganda. Getting a site that keeps them updated about the current job opportunities in the country makes them visit this site much more times than they visit other sites.

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5. BigEye

Next to Facebook for social local news, Ugandans storm for all kinds of news especially celebrity, social, campus, city news. Anything related to celebrity news, local artist’s news, upcoming artists, and whatever is happening socially in the country is found on this site. Therefore, it’s not only one most browsed websites on the internet in Uganda but most Ugandans definitely visit this site as a source of reference for their local celebrity news. One thing about Uganda is that news travels like bush fire and something minor can be turned into big news. This site is always full of news, both hilarious and sad news. The is almost visited every minute by many Ugandans here and abroad.

6. Bet Pawa

As you walk around the streets of Kampala, you realise that sports betting has taken on the city. Many people, mostly men have taken up sports betting as part of their daily lives especially in the soccer seasons of LALIGA, Premiership, Champions’ League and many others. They put their bets on different soccer clubs. However, the corporate who never have time to go to the betting offices resort to online betting and is one of the biggest sites that most of them visit.


7. Elite Bet

In Uganda, there are many betting sites just like, however is one big site that most Ugandans who do bet visit the most. It is even one the most popular sports betting company in Uganda. It is no wonder one of the most visited sites in Uganda. This is true about most corporate Uganda men who do online betting.

8. Red Pepper

Apart from the monitor and the new vision, the red pepper is another great news portal in Uganda where Ugandans get their local and international news. Right from the newspaper to the website, the red pepper is one of the favourite sites for most Ugandans. The red pepper is unique in its nature different from the monitor and the new vision since it exposes more social news about Ugandan celebrities, socialites and big people in the country rating from their businesses to their personal lives.

9. Campus Eye

The campus eye is one of the most visited websites in Uganda because it also covers the biggest news broadcast in Uganda including both social, political, economic and religious news. It is mostly visited by youth, graduates, university students and much more. Just like bigeye, the campus eye is also a socialite site where Ugandans get most of their celebrity news, social news, political news and many others.

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10. OLX

Since Olx came into the online trade business in Uganda, most Ugandans have utilised this opportunity to both sell and buy products via the portal. Ugandans have resorted to selling their old stuff through posting their photos on Olx. This site gives them the opportunity to put their products on sale and also to view the products on sale. This is not only the biggest online marketplace in Uganda but also among the most visited websites on the internet in Uganda and therefore most Ugandans visit it because they know that they can get the cheapest, mostly second-hand products and also sell their own household products that they do not need anymore.

Ugandans are amazing people, rating from the websites that they visit, you realise that Ugandans have a soft spot for what interests them. However, it is right to say that Ugandans are interesting people and the fact that they are now taken up by social media means that they like to know what is happening in their country and in the world.

Otherwise, I hope this article about the top visited websites by ugandans has been in one way helpful to you. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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