cheapest internet packages in Uganda

Review: Tangerine vs Smart vs Rokespot Cheapest Internet Packages in Uganda

After the official giveaway of the 10 Huawei E353 3G HSPA+ 21Mbps USB Surfsticks, i got the idea to help the winners who mostly are students to find away to utilize the modems. In this blog, i would like to share with both my readers and the winners of the previous giveaway the cheapest internet packages in Uganda.

In this post, i will try my best and review three of the cheapest Internet Service Providers in Uganda. These are, Tangerine, Smart Telecom and Roketelkom. They have all been in the industry for some good time. But the sad news is, not most of the you have come to know about these companies and their crazy data offers they have.

But first, this post is only about the cheapest internet packages in Uganda and nothing to promote. The data packages versus the price from these three ISPs (Tangerine, Smart and Roketelkom) are not in anyway equal or similar to those from other available ISPs. I mean, these are absolutely crazy offers versus the money. Just imagine enjoying 500 MBs daily for just UGX 1,000 or unlimited internet daily at the same price. So that’s what i’m talking about.

Also, you have to note that i have only had good experience with their services / internet within Kampala. Of course, they might all have a wider coverage like Tangerine states on their official website that they do extend as far as Wakiso, Mukono among other areas which i haven’t tested yet and not only for Tangerine but also for Smart Telecom and Roketelkom.

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Let’s get to know who these companies are:


An installation from this company, comprises a blend of best breed of technologies to provision a true Next-Generation Broadband Network in order to deliver services like: Internet Access, VPN Connectivity, Video Conferencing, Telephony, Security Surveillance, Access Control and any other Value Added IP based solutions.

Tangerine uses the best state of the art technology available internationally to create a network capable of providing the most cost effective broadband services to customers. The core of the technology is IP Based and acts as a networking transmission protocol for a total harmonic end to end solution.

Tangerine provides a customized service to subscribers who are currently on unstable Internet connection(s) and constantly prone to downtimes.

Smart Telecom

The company is owned and operated by Industrial Promotion Services, a subsidiary of the Aga Khan Fund for Development (AKFED).

The company offers mobile and internet services for the “New Africa” in Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda.

Smart has grown to bring improved service, value and coverage to customers across the region. With mobile internet speeds going upto 8mbps with one of the cheapest rates in town, they have won hearts of many students around the capital kampala.


Roke Telkom is a Uganda-based telecommunications company that is fully licensed by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) as a Public Service Provider (capacity Resale, Voice & Data) and Public Infrastructure Provider.

Roke Telkom has managed to build one of the most superior fibre networks in East and Central Africa.

Roketelkom entered into a partnership with Google and they have increased their fibre footprint and reached more Ugandans within public places with high quality WiFi at affordable prices.

How does one get to access the Roke Internet service or the Roke Hotspot?

One can access Rokespot WiFi in many public places around Kampala by selecting the ‘ROKESPOT’ option in the WiFi menu and paying using any of the available options on the portal, including mobile money, Payway, Pebuu and voucher cards.

Each user is allocated their own bandwidth so, your personal speed user experience will not be affected. With over 350 Rokespots in Kampala, Jinja, Masaka, Mbarara, Mbale and the prices are sh1,000 for one day, sh5,000 for one week and sh18,000 for one month all unlimited access.

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cheapest internet packages in uganda

cheapest internet packages in uganda

Let’s sum it up. Here are the cheapest internet packages in Uganda



Data Plans

Data (GB) Plans Speed Exceeding UA Duration Price
15 LTE Up to 1 Mbps 256 Kbps 30 days UGX 50,000
30 ELTE Up to 2 Mbps 256 Kbps 30 days UGX 90,000
50 PRO Up to 4 Mbps 256 Kbps 30 days UGX 150,000

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Introductory Offers

Data (GB) Plans Speed Duration Price
15 LTE WITH MIFI Up to 1 Mbps 90 days UGX 150,000
30 ELTE WITH MIFI Up to 2 Mbps 90 days UGX 160,000
50 PRO WITH MIFI Up to 4 Mbps 60 days UGX 170,000

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Smart Telecom

Note: all packages include

  • Free smart to smart calls
  • Speeds of up to 8mbps

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ROKE on The GO

Rokespots are a new innovative Wi-Fi service that greatly amplify the quality, accessibility and affordability of the Internet for users all around Kampala. The Wi-Fi service is made possible by a stretch of wireless signal points.

Rokespot WiFi signals can be found in malls, hostels, restaurants and public places. The service has different price categories which open it up to everyone, no matter their budget.

Package Access Duration Price
Unlimited WIFI - Rokespot 1 days UGX 1,000
Unlimited WIFI - Rokespot 7 days UGX 5,000
Unlimited WIFI - Rokespot 30 days UGX 18,000

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Note: In this review on the cheapest internet packages in Uganda, i basically concentrated on the daily internet access and for those that stay, work, study or live in Kampala, with a fixed budget but with a desire to have a reliable internet access, since this is where i observed the best coverage, i highly recommend you give it a try and share this with a friend too.

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