How To Add Or Use Iphone Emoji Keyboard

iphone emoji keyword

Iphone emoji keyboard is not just any other thing but like an emoji android keyboard for messaging. Text messages without calling would save money and still get across what you need to say to the other person on the other end of the line in a very precise and meaningful way.

Text messages are considered a legal way of saying things and could be brought up before a court of law to substantiate or prove anything in dispute just like what email is today.
The importance of text messages and emails would be highlighted only when there arises any dispute between a sender and a receiver.

Texting messages could be boring sometimes but when you could show your emotions by way of a figurine, it would add spice to what you would want to say. A smiley face, a face with a wink, a face with a tear dropping down, a hearty laugh, any such a face or other item like a cake would depict certain emotions that we may not be able to say in so much words.

These figures that we would send to the receiver with or without a text message would say a thousand words, which are called “EMOJIs”. These Emojis are available in hundreds of apps but they are also built into your iPhone or iPod and with hundreds of it available to you it is just a matter of using them whenever you would want them.

Some may ask, why emojis are needed, it is not that they are needed but without it, messages would be dull and drab without much spice in anything we do. We need to be happy and a “Smiley” face makes us smile and that would be just enough to make another smile too, which would go a long way in making a happy world.

Sending these Emojis to loved ones, friends and the near and dear would brighten and lighten up their dampened spirits, which they too could select the best one under the circumstances and send you. So get down to it and try using them as often as you can which would be fun and a sense of just telling another what you feel on the day. So send an emoji to a loved one and see how they would react, of which there is no doubt that it would be a good one.

A few steps would allow you to use these Emojis and spruce up yours and another’s day.

Enabling Emojis on your iPhone

To enable your iPhone, iPad or iPod it should be compatible with iOS 7 or a higher configuration operating system.
The Emojis are there in your iPhone but you would need to bring them onto a separate keyboard which would enable to use them as often as you would want.

Having your own iphone emoji keyboard would enable you to take your texting into a new dimension.
You could say that the iphone emoji keyboard for android is hidden in your iPhone and you just need to bring it out onto your screen for use when you would need it.

It is simple and this is how you could do it to get the emoji keyboard iphone.

  • Go to the settings app
  • Tap general
  • Tap keyboard
  • Tap keyboards
  • Tap add new keyboards
  • Swipe through to find “EMOJI”
  • Then tap on “EMOJI”

On the keyboard screen when you see the default language set that up as well so that the EMOJIs on your iPhone would be ready for use the emoji keyboard for iphone.

iphone emoji keyboard
iphone emoji keyboard

The steps to get your emoji keyboard for iphone are quite simple as you could see so get it for you and join everyone else who are using the emojis and distributing love and cheer all round.


Using EMOJI thereafter

Once you have the iphone 7 emoji keyboard or other, you could use hundreds of superb emojis which would let you to express yourself just the way you would want to anyone.
You could now use all the emojis that you have by selecting any one or many and be overjoyed that you have the keyboard iphone emoji which could say many things without words.

You could use them on any of the Messages that you send or on Notes and even Mails which would give you ample choices to let the other know how you feel about yourself or about them. At the lefty of your spacebar on your iPhoneX, there would be a smiley face or a globe and when you tap on either you would hundreds of emojis which you could use as much as you would need.

Once you have the emoji keyboard for iphone it is just a matter of swiping your screen and picking one or many from the hundreds that would be presented to you. The choices before you would be quite wide and there would be one to depict just what you feel on that day at that time and with a minimum of cost you could send it across to brighten someone’s day.

To add an emoji just tap on the one that you would want to be sent and it would appear at the message screen at the exact place that you would want it and then tap the send icon and it will be sent. If you happen to talk to your friends, family or others there is no let up as everyone is using emojis to let others know how they feel.

So keep the fun flowing and use the emojis as constructively as possible because they could say so many things rather that a text message where you may have to say in so many words. Since lately the exchange of emojis have taken a steep rise and with some very interesting emojis being circulated around those who receive them would surely get a smile on their faces.

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