Review: Infinix Note 3. Specs, Features and Price

Infinix Note 3

We all know the benefits of Smartphone. But the problem comes when we are choosing what phone to purchase. Suppose you choose a brand infinix still you have to decide which model. The Infinix Note 3 or?

Most of the times, we are not aware of the best phone we might need or gift our friends. You may want the type of phone that has best features and can last for a longer period.

But you might not know of the perfect phone for you. But you need not to worry anymore because the market has the best phones for you.

The Infinix Note 3 has a perfect display. It produces accurate colors and has a vibrant screen.

We are going to put Infinix note 3 on test to confirm whether it is the best phone for you. But I would also ask you to try it out after this test because it is one the best phone that saves your money as it is affordable.


Introduction to the Infinix Note 3

If you are thinking of a phone that you want to buy either for yourself or your beloved friends, you need to search no more because infinix Note 3 is the perfect one for you.

It is an android phone that has earphones, screen protector and also user manual.

When you purchase infinix Note 3, it’s the best as it comes with a pair of earphones that you can use when listening to your music without having to disturb your friends.

This phone can rest comfortably on any person’s hands and its smooth corners enable it to be easy for anyone to carry.

It has a card slot of MicroSD that is one its right side with its sim card tray able to accommodate two sim cards.

This is one of the best phones to use around and it deserves the best of your usage given that it has all the possible features that you might be looking in any phone.



Infinix Note 3 also comes with a lot of benefits to its users. It has one  of the best battery ever.

When you charge the phone for about an hours, you can be able to do your work with it for the rest of the day without any interference. Click To Tweet

Its battery is 4000MAh;it can also go for more than one and a half days without having to charge. This is so amazing about this phone.

For maximum performance, you have to use the charger specific to the phone. With this, it can definitely save you time by charging fast.

Another advantage is that it has a fingerprint scanner, this is very essential especially when it comes to the phone security hence infinix Note 3 being abit more secure.

You only access the phone if the fingerprint is yours. If it isn’t yours it cannot unlock simply because the fingerprint won’t match.

Some other phones only make it possible for you to unlock the phone with either your pattern or lock which are sometimes hard to remember.

The Infinix Note 3 comes with an amazing camera. Everyone really cherishes to keep memories.

During celebrations, we all want to take pictures of what’s happening and be able to capture the memories that we will all keep with us.

Infinix Note 3 has the best camera features for everyone. Its 13MP rear and its front camera of 5MP with the LED flash lights gives it the perfect photos ever, it really never disappoints when it comes to camera. Click To Tweet

The phone is very affordable. It offers something that you fail to get in the other phones.

Its price usually ranges around 150$. Grab your chance and enjoy the benefits that it’s come along with.



Below are the features that come alongside with infinix note 3.

  • Long life battery
  • Fingerprints scanner
  • Amazing camera
  • 6 inch HD display
  • Internal memory 128 GB with a 6GB RAM
  • Black and gold color.


Customer satisfaction

I hope this review help you find out if infinix note 3 is the perfect phone to use. This is after a lot of people giving their feedback regarding it.

A lot of customers have been able to praise this phone especially because of its unique fingerprints scanner.

They do say that the phone has a good design and they feel comfortable while using it. They were also amazed with its battery life.

Most of them said that they have never seen such a phone, they usually know of those phones that take very little minutes and goes off.

Some were even shocked and could not believe the battery features. Most of them also said that it had smooth edges which give them a smooth feeling while carrying.


Advantages and disadvantages

Infinix note 3 has given its users a safety feeling due to its fingerprint scanner that lacks in a lot of phones.

However it is not convenient to other customers as it has a non-removable battery and it’s a bigger phone to carry so it may not be suitable to everyone as most people prefer pocket phones.


Common questions asked
  1. Is it a perfect phone to gift a friend during an event?

Infinix note 3 is one of the good phones available in the market. Yes, I can advise you to gift it to your friend and it will never disappoint them.

  1. Does it really have a quality camera?

It is good to tell you from a reality point of view. Yes, I also use this infinix zero 3 and I can assure you it has the best quality camera.

  1. How long does the battery last?

The battery duration will only depend on your usage.



In conclusion, this is a phone that is designed for those people that would want a device that they will not be charging up after every few minutes they use.

This phone is also not slouched when we look at its performance; we all need to appreciate what infinix has done with it.

It is generally a good phone when you look at its big size. It has an appealing design and a back cover that is metallic which is definitely a good thing.

Therefore, if you want a phone that will be less costly for you go for infinix note 3 and indeed it will never disappoint you.

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See you in the comments.

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