How To Make A Private Call – 4 Awesome Ways


Still wondering how to make your number private or how to make a private call or even how to call with unknown number, mention it. In this article, i have summed up for you a number of options on how to call private or with a private number that will be of great help to you.

One of the most prolifically used devices that are also mobile and being carried around are our telephones, which in this day and age are the smartphones that we use.

Our smartphones have now become a part of our anatomy if we could call it as we would hardly step out of our homes without picking it and taking it along with us.

We depend on our ability to communicate with others as a gospel necessity and have been driven to the use of our smartphones like how ducks take to water.

The smartphone is used extensively for our personal, social and official needs and is the quickest form of communication with another wherever the caller and the receiver would be.

No corner of the world is non-accessible if it has an internet connection and with the world moving into the age of what we call globalization, communication is the key factor in that equation.


Sometimes the smartphone that we so dearly hold in our hands could become an irritant when it would barge into our privacy when our number falls into the wrong hands.

Unlike a few decades ago the world is full of salesmen and women, who are always trying to sell something to someone.

Even we would be salesmen and women who would be trying to sell a product, service or even an ideology, because there are so many things that are being sold around the world.

Hence if you know how to make your number private the receiver of your call would be able to answer your query but would be unable to call you back.

This would be one way of ensuring that you could outsmart the receiver if you are in the know of how to dial private.

The need to know how to call private has put many troublesome characters at wits end as they are unable to respond back when the caller’s number does not appear on the caller identification mode.

This is a very effective tool that you could employ, if you know how to call with unknown number which is surely going to fox the other person at the other end of the line.

You would not have him or her pestering you to push you to buy something or even stop them from making unpleasant cranky calls.

There are a few ways of how to make a private call which we would discuss here.

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#1. Dial the number using a blocking code

  • You would dial a few digits prior to dialing the number of the receiver of your call.
  • By doing so you would be blocking your number from the receiver’s caller identification system.
  • You would need to check out what these first digits would be as they are allocated to each country.
  • For example it would be *67 for most North American telecommunication providers, except AT&T.
  • It would be #31# for USA, AT&T phones and other countries, Australia (mobile), Albania, Argentina (mobile), Bulgaria (mobile), France, Germany (some mobiles), Greece (mobile), India (only after network unlock), Israel (mobile), Italy (mobile), Netherlands (KPN phones), South Africa (mobile), Spain (mobile), Sweden, Switzerland (mobile).
  • The list goes on and you may have to pick the country from where you would be calling and use the right digits and then dial the number.
  • The calling number would not see your number and this is how to call with unknown number.


#2. Knowing what your blocking code is

 If you are unable to find the country from where you are calling on any list then you could use the standard #31#, which is are universally used digits.

  • You could otherwise check on the internet for the country, the service provider and the digits required.
  • Search for the blocking code which is generally easy to find.
  • If you are still unable to obtain the code then you may have to call the service provider concerned and obtain the code.
  • This could take some time and also cost you money.


#3. Use the inbuilt setting in your smartphone (iOS)

  • Open your smartphone settings.
  • If you have a Verizon iPhone you will not be able to initiate this action.
  • Scroll down and tap on the setting “Phone”, this is where messages and FaceTime is located.
  • Tap on the “Show My Called ID”, (this may not show on Verizon iPhones).
  • Slide the “Show My Caller ID” to the left and it will turn WHITE.
  • Thereafter those whom you call would not be able to see your number, so this is how to make your number private.

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#4. Use you Android smartphone settings 

  • Open your Android phone app
  • This is the blue phone shaped icon
  • This would be on the screen
  • Or it could be in the app drawer
  • Some service providers do not support ID caller blocking
  • If you have a problem, check it out with the service provider.
  • You should have in the phone if not call the provider
  • Get the number of the person that you want to call
  • Then go to settings
  • Tap on calls
  • Tap additional settings
  • Tap on Caller ID – will load it
  • Select “Hide Number”
  • After a few seconds you would return to “Caller ID” menu
  • You are done and this is how to call private



If you don’t want to be disturbed by callers whom you have interacted with at some time but are not interested to pursue any contact thereafter, know how to make your number private.

The above steps are quite easy if you could go step by step and if you master it you could engage it when wanted and disengage it when not needed.

There are times that you may want the receiver of your call to know that it is you hence disengage it when nor required.

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