How To Know If Your Phone Is Hacked & How To Prevent It

How To Tell If Your Phone Is Hacked

Our smartphone has become our most valuable possession and the information and data that we tend to store in them are numerous and here, how to know if your phone is hacked or being spied on is very crucial.

From telephone numbers, addresses, incoming and outgoing call details, emails, bank deposits, withdrawals, and a host of other very sensitive information that we would like to keep private.

Today smartphones are being carried by many users and they are always fiddling around with their smartphones.

They would be unknowingly letting others easy access if the users don’t take proper care, to safeguard themselves.


Phone Hackers Aren’t Asleep

Phone hackers are always active and it is no limit that they would not go to if they could get what they want and being unscrupulous they are not going to stop after pilfering a few dollars from you.

If they get into your smartphone they would remain like a leech and siphon all what you earn or have earned.

Phone hackers would not stop at anything they would just go through everything even before you could bat an eyelid.

We may be vary of keeping these details in our smartphones but we have become complacent and on the other hand have so much information with us that we have no other better storage.

We may think that because our phone does not generally leave our side and even tend to take it to bed with us leaving it fortunately on the bedside table and not under the blankets.

Such closeness with our smartphone has now become an obsession but is the information in our smartphone safe.

We know it is not!

Could we have an easy way of finding, is my iphone hacked and if so how to tell if your phone is hacked, because these are questions on everyone’s lips.

It would be prudent to know whether a dedicated phone hacker could steal all the information and data in our smartphones and leave us destitute by the side of the road. Image result for phone hacker

We need to find out the simplest of ways as to how can someone hack my iphone and once we know, that there is a possibility, to ensure that we take the most extreme of steps to safeguard ourselves.

We need to have some information so that we are aware and could arrive at the conclusion to know how to tell if your phone has been hacked.

Having the optimum information with us especially the modus operandi of a professional phone hacker we may be able to thwart those unscrupulous attempts.

There is enough information on the internet where there are ways of how to tell if your phone if hacked and once we have what we need we could be extra careful with how we use our smartphones.

There are many ways that a phone hacker could get information that is in your phone out onto his of which there are many.

How To Prevent Your Phone Being Hacked

So let us see how we could prevent anyone from coming even close to what he or she would be contemplating of doing.

There is one thing we need to understand and that is if a phone hacker dedicates himself to hack a phone it would be difficult to stop him, unless we stop using a smartphone.

There are ample apps on the internet most of them are free which could track smartphones of other users.

These could be modified by phone hackers to serve their criminal ways and you may be wise to the fact only after the damage is done.

Try to be always on your guard and ensure that you are aware of the surroundings at all times.

It is only when we become gullible to our surroundings that untoward issues could happen to us and being on our guard is what is paramount on our side.

The words should always ring in our ears and those words should always remain just like that and that is how to tell if your phone has been hacked.

It is only when these words continuously ring in our ears that we will not let complacency set in and face unpleasant situations.

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Let’s see how we could prevent them
  1. Never let anyone touch your smartphone unless it is someone very close to you
  2. A phone hacker needs just a couple of minutes and a app can be installed into your smartphone to steal data and information
  3. Never let your smartphone from your side
  4. Never open any message from unknown sources
  5. Choose a code to operate your smartphone
  6. If you have an Android smartphone install a security app, there are many
  7. Don’t open sites that you are not sure of
  8. Don’t allow your smartphone to be jailbroken
  9. If even one of your friends is sending something just check back with them.
  10. A phone hacker would have got to your friend and now would be targeting you.
  11. Be on your alert at all times
  12. If you are using social media change passwords often
  13. This goes for any internet banking that you may execute from your phone, change your passwords often
  14. Don’t get complacent.
  15. A phone hacker would have already got to you but would wait for the most opportune time to strike
  16. If you have too much of information in your smartphone some of which you may not be using delete them
  17. Too much information would also create unnecessary issues



 If you are using a smartphone be always on your guard because the moment you drop it you could be fleeced.

You would know it later and by that time things would have happened which you may not know.

Always ensure that you not open anything suspicious on your smartphone because that could be your undoing.

Unless you are constantly searching in your smartphone for information whether you have been targeted by a phone hacker you may not really be aware.

So keep your horses well secured and ensure that you keep guard over your smartphone.

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