How To Find IP Address of Your Smartphone in Uganda

How To Find IP Address of Your Smartphone in Uganda

In Uganda today, the percentage of people who own mobile phones is increasing switching to theuse smartphones. Since the introduction of smartphones in the country, many people have gone ahead to purchase these phones and nearly every day, many Ugandans are present on google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, yahoo, Gmail, twitter, snapchat, and many more social media platforms.

Due to these smartphones, most people in Uganda are connected to different internet networks and the most used ones include, MTN, Airtel, Orange, Uganda Telecom, Africell, Vodafone, Smart telecom and many others. Today I intend to discuss how to find IP address of your smartphone in Uganda.

What is IP address of your smartphone?

Your IP address is just like a home address from your smartphone. It is an abbreviation of “Internet Protocol address” and is presented as a string of numbers used to identify your smartphone device on a local network as well as on the Internet.You can easily search on google “What is My IP Address” and this will bring you the unique IP identifier for your smartphone. However, every time your smartphone is connected to the internet, it is assigned an IP address which changes from time whenever your smartphone is connected to the internet.

However, there are different types of IP addresses and I will go through them briefly.

How To Find IP Address of Your Smartphone in Uganda
How To Find IP Address of Your Smartphone in Uganda

Types of IP address

Like I had mentioned, every time your smartphone is connected to the internet, it has 2 IP addresses and these are,

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1 External IP address or Public IP

The external IP is same for all the devices including computers and smartphones that are connected to your network. An example is when you are working in office and you have a computer, smartphone and iPad connected in your network. This means that all of them will have the same (one) external IP address.

2 Internal IP addresses or Private IP

Different from the above, private IP address for your smartphone is different from all other devices in your network. This means that the internal IP address identifies your smartphone within a single network.  Also to be able to identify your smartphones internal IP address, you have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  • How an IP address works

Your smartphone IP address literally is like a geographical location indicator which search engines like Google and websites like Facebook use to push sponsored ads targeting particular regions and locally relevant content to particular places like Uganda.

In addition to the search engine relevance, your smartphone IP address helps to create a wireless file server, a media center remote and not forgetting that sometimes, there are some a number of devices or computer applications that need your smart phone’s IP address.


How to find your smartphone IP address

I will be focusing on the two smartphones platforms, android and iphone.


Step1: If you have android smartphone, go to settings, then to wireless then to Wifi. This will connect you to a wifi network if you were not yet connected.

Step2: When you check the network list, select the network you are currently connected with. This will immediately bring up network specifics with a list of your current IP address at the bottom.



Step 1: Go to Settings then to Wi-Fi networks ensuring that Wi-Fi is turned on.

Step 2: Tap the blue arrow at the right hand side of the network.

Step3: Identify your IP address on the resulting screen of network specifics.


How To Hide IP Address On Your Smartphone

You may not be aware of this, but whenever you browse any website on your smartphone, your IP address is recorded to the site and this gives access to exposing our online activity. Also, hiding your IP address reduces your chances of being compromised by hackers and fraudsters that ever on the internet.

One important thing to note is that some websites on the internet are restricted to users of certain countries and these websites take note of a user’s location by the information contained in their IP address. This will definitely restrict you from accessing some information in case your country is restricted to some website.

Android & IPhone

  • Using VPN Services

The VPN app allows you to hide your current IP address and that will change the address that currently being displayed on the network to which you are connected.

1. Hotspot Shield

This is the most popular and most downloaded VPN android app in Google Play. With this VPN you can secure your Internet from Hackers, set firewall rules and hide you IP Address.

Step 1: Download and install “hotspot shield” app from your smartphone store.

Step2: Run the app from your smartphone

Step3: Click on the “connect’ button to connect the VPN to the internet. This will definitely hide your IP address.

Step4: When you are connected you can go further by changing your location.

Hotspot shield is one of the best VPN that allows you to browse securely, and you can also access any social networking and other sites that are blocked on Wi-Fi network using this VPN. You can installthis app today to hide your IP address on your smartphone.

2. Private Internet Access Anonymous VPN

Private Internet Access Anonymous service enables you to encrypt and anonymize their connections by providing an encrypted data tunnel from your smartphone especially your iphone to the PIA network.

3. Surfeasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN for your iPhone protects your online privacy, protects your security on Wi-Fi hotspots, prevents ad tracking, and encrypts all of the data in and out of your iphone with one easy to use application.

4. TunnelBear VPN

This amazing VPN is free for your iPhone and just like the surfeasy VPN protects your online privacy, helps you to access your favorite websites, and browse securely on Wifi hotspots. ONE One other nice thing about the TunnelBear VPN gives you 500MB of free data each and every month.

The other VPN services that you can use on your android or iphone include,

  1. Opera VPN
  2. Unlimited Free VPN – betternet
  3. Hideman VPN

Knowing how to find IP address of your smartphone is very important and you can use the information that I have discussed to check / hide your IP address anywhere in Uganda.

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