3 Outstanding Features On Google’s Android 9.0 Pie

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Android Pie is the ninth major update of the Android operating system and it will be the 16th version of the same operating system. Announced by Google on 7th March 2018, three beta versions where later released on 8th May 2018, 6th June 2018 and 2nd July 2018 respectively. And final beta release was announced on the 25th of July 2018 and Pie was officially release on the 6th of August 2018 only available on Pixel smartphones by Google.

Still as fast and Android Oreo, the Android Pie is yet again a great achievement by the Google as it brings in a new way Android phones will look and work like in the coming years. Pie has come with new animation and interactive features coupled with artificial intelligence and a more multi colored interface.

After being tested during its beta version by a number of smartphone manufacturers including Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Sony among others, Android Pie like the rest of other releases will come out first on the Google Pixel smartphones and then later on the different Android smartphone powered devices.  Once Pie is available on non Google smartphone, an update feature will be availed by all smartphone manufacturers.

Android P is majorly is focused on reliability and performance and adoption to artificial intelligence can confirm this. A number of settings will adjust automatically depending on where and how you use your smartphone and there is a great number of improvements on Android Pie that won’t leave your life the same but better, faster and simpler.

Here are 3 outstanding features i loved about Android Pie

#1. Adaptive Battery and Brightness

Image: Google - Android Pie
Image: Google – Android Pie

Short of navigation gestures, Adaptive Battery is the biggest improvement to Android. Using systems developed by Alphabet’s AI-outfit DeepMind, Adaptive Battery learns an individual’s usage patterns and directs the power to only the apps you need at the time you need them for more predictable day-to-day battery life.

AI has also been integrated into Android Pie’s brightness control, so it will now learn from your manual adjustments – something you could be forgiven for thinking already happened.  – A source narrates.

Still talking about the battery, beta users of the Android Pie experienced a 20% longer battery usage at maximum performance. This is probably because of the adaptive battery technology that quits non used apps and number of great other optimizations.

#2. Easier Screenshots

This is an interesting one. Before, one had to old the power button and volume button on Android phones so as the take screenshots and some smartphone users with screens of 5 -6 inches found it uneasy. Now it whole process has been simplified by the major updates. You now only need to hold the power button for just seconds and 3 options will pop up for either power off, restart or screenshot. Tapping on the screenshot button will capture whatever is on your screen.

#3. The Digital Well Being Dashboard

Have you thought of limiting yourself or timing yourself on the hours you spend on your smartphone? Well, google has been thinking through this during the development of Android Pie.  Pie will be the first of its kind to provide user tracking at device level. You’ll now be able to know how long you have been using your smartphone on a specific day or the number of times you use a specific app. Part of the digital well being is the auto brightness adjustment let’s say when its bed time, the light will gradually deem and the same applies to areas of very  high brightness.  Device brightness increases to match your surrounding.

In a new dashboard, it will show you the number of times the apps are spamming you with notifications. App times will let you set daily limits for how long you want to use an app each day, with usage being paused once the limits are passed as per your set up.

A good number of Tech giants are getting into this as Facebook alse launched its app level time limits tools starting this month and Apple rolling out similar features in there next released.

All Android Pie Features

1. Android P Easter eggs
2. New user interface for the quick settings menu.
3. The clock has moved to the left of the notification bar.
4. Battery saver no longer shows an orange overlay on the notification and status bars.
5. A “Screenshot” button has been added to the power options.
6. A new “Lockdown” mode which disables biometric authentication once activated, which will be disabled once the user used their password to login.
7. Rounded corners across the graphical user interface.
8. New transitions for switching between apps, or activities within apps.
9. Richer messaging notifications, where a full conversation can be had within a notification, full scale images, and smart replies akin to Google’s new app, Reply.
10. Support for display cutouts.
11. Redesigned volume slider, which is now located next to the device physical volume button.
12. Battery percentage now shown in Always-On Display.
13. Lock screen security changes include the possible return of an improved NFC Unlock.
14. Experimental features (which are currently hidden within a menu called Feature Flags) such as a redesigned
15. About Phone page in settings, and automatic Bluetooth enabling while driving.
16. DNS over TLS.
17. HEIF support.
18. A new gesture-based system interface, similar to the one found on the iPhone X and other devices.
19. Redesigned, horizontal multitask app switcher with Google search bar and app drawer built in.
20. A “Digital Wellbeing” feature which discourages excessive usage of your phone.
21. Placing the phone face down will mute notifications but allow emergencies to come through.
22. An Adaptive Battery feature that maximizes battery power by prioritizing the apps you’re most likely to use next.
23. Improved Adaptive Brightness feature which modifies screen brightness based on your own personal preferences.
24. New Back Button Icon in navigation bar if gesture navigation is enabled.
25. Manual theme selection.
26. Rotation Lock button indicates in navigation bar if the device is in locked rotation mode.

Supported Devices So Far

A beta preview for Android P was provided by Google for the following devices:

Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, OnePlus 6, Sony Xperia XZ2, Vivo X21UD, Vivo X21, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

In Closing

Android Pie is yet another amazing update for all android powered smartphone manufacturers. I love the AI powered features ie, the automated brightness and battery optimization features. I can wait for the customized versions of the 9.0 Pie.

Can’t wait for your feedback in the comment box below.

Credit: Google images, Wikipedia

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