Free Websites For All

100 Free Websites For All in Uganda

Ever dreamed of having that fancy pro website for your personal portfolio, blog, business, company, school mention it. But all you have hard were very high-end priced packages that you couldn’t afford at the time? well, here is something you have always been waiting for. An offer dubbed 100 free websites for all from African Art Innovations Ltd.

African Art Innovations Ltd, is a leading digital media company in Uganda with expertise in website design and hosting for over a period of four years is now offering the biggest cut off on website design prices. Actually, it’s offering to design 100 FREE websites for all.

It is the first ever promo of its kind from such a reputable company to offer up-to zero price cuts for an individual, businesses, schools, NGOs and companies to have a professional online presence.

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Why this then?

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Inspired by their CEO, after his biggest trip in Europe to countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Hungary, he was convinced by how businesses out there are using the internet powered by websites both by individuals and companies to run their businesses / economy and he was also convinced that that’s the future for Ugandan businesses.

It’s from that idea that he thought to give back to his fellow countrymen and with advice and support from their team, they created this amazing offer dubbed 100 Free Websites For All.

On a normal occasion, a basic website designed by the same company would drag you down a cost of minimum USD 300 an equivalent of UGX 1,080,000 putting aside the website domain and hosting charges valued at UGX 200,000 per year. For a business and pro eCommerce websites, according to their packaging and pricing, it would cost you at least USD 600 or UGX 2,163,000 equivalent.

So, considering that now you have an idea of how the company prices are, I would like to invite you to have a glimpse into their company website portfolio. Here is a link to the websites that have been designed and hosted by the same company for both businesses in Uganda and Africa wide.

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Free Websites For All

Free Websites For All

So what next?

I think, this is the question running right inside your mind. Well, I won’t leave it out unanswered.

Here is something you have to have in mind.

1. You need to have an idea of how your website should be or look like. This will ease the work of the company.

2. You need to structure or draft up your company profile or the website aim and area of business. Ie, if you’re a model or an artist, write down a brief about your career journey. Think of what someone who visits your website would like to see or read. Pick a leaf from your competitors or other brands in the same field.

3. You will need to provide photos/images about your business for your website. But also, if you’re not in a position to, they (African Art Innovations Ltd) can offer you a photography gig and have that solved. You could write to them about this via their website contact form.

4. You need a logo designed for your website or business or brand. This is no problem, you will discuss the fees and charges with them and upon agreeing, they will do it for you. And in case you have a logo already designed, then that’s better. But keep in mind that they always consider the best website practices and this means having something that will portray you professionally means a lot to them.

5. You will have to pay UGX 200,000 for hosting your website and registering a domain for you for the first year. This amount is payable before the start of the project and I think, it’s a pre-requisite so as people would consider this as something serious and valuable. This amount will also be paid in the coming year as website hosting and domain renewal.  As to if you can switch the contract after one year, then you will have to contact the company and have that sorted.

6. Site design duration, if all the necessary requirements are provided, your website will not take longer than 15 working days.

7. There is no paperwork on the contract and you can terminate it at any time with no hidden costs.

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What you ought to know

To be considered for this offer, it is on first come first serve basis. You need to register here with your name, phone number, email, kind of business or website needed. If selected among the first 100 interested clients, they will make you a phone call or write you an email as a follow-up. And they will most probably send there presentative to you or you may visit their offices. (Address on their website)

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In summary

Having an online presence is the future and the way to go. Imagine, the last time you wanted to check something, buy a new phone, check for a hotel or school. You just hopped onto google and got results. Ever imagined how those results come up? It’s because some other website is serving them to you through google. And this is the same way your clients keep hoping here and there for the same services you provide but you are nowhere to be seen.

So here is my word, this offer dubbed 100 free websites for all is here for you. Just go in here and register. Prepare to pay for your first year hosting and domain name. I’m pretty sure they will serve you as promised.

The offer is only valid within a period of 90 days to be registered and is on a first come first serve basis.

Leave us a comment below in case of any questions.

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