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city building games

The genre of city building games began way back in 1982 when the first of them named “Utopia” was launched, developed by Mattel Electronics.

This game was considered as primitive compared to what we know of now considering the development of the industry as a whole and issues like screen resolutions, etc.

There were also limitations to “Utopia” which under the context of the time is understandable but things changed in 1989 when the same developer introduced “SimCity”.

This revolutionized the genre of city building games propelling “SimCity” to become very popular and laid the foundation for improved development as time progressed.

Other developers too joined in on the band wagon and now we have an impressive collection of some of the best city building games to choose from.

Those with an eye for construction and aspirations of emulating city builders could build imaginary cities on their mobile devices providing an avenue to further their ambitions.

Players also have the ability to indulge in many city building games and keep their building aspirations alive with rich graphical content providing them the impetus to visualize imaginary cities.

Building a city from nothing and adding all the infrastructure, amenities and other facilities based on the visualized economic and political aspects is what makes these games so interesting.

As an aspiring builder city building games free allows you to ensure the welfare of the people and also ensure stable growth with no culmination to your imaginary plans.

There were a few issues when some were city building games online only, but it was rectified when the problems were brought to the fore.

These city building games could be played by players of any age as they are designed to excite the young and the old who would have imagined to be builders at sometime in life.

We list below the “Top 10”, free city building games not necessarily in any order which would depend on personal preferences of choice and interest.


#1. SimCity Buildlt

Very realistic in all aspects, and one of the best city building games, especially as it is from the pioneers of this virtual game genre, and who have improved with time.

Three Dimension (3D) graphical images with the ability to build real life super infrastructures and everything needed for a bustling city with a few administration issues too thrown in.


#2. Fallout Shelter

Very popular among many and could catch your eye too, as it is simple in use and is all fun when you indulge in it bringing your imaginary ideas to build your city.

Players could send their imaginary dwellers in this city building games on different errands to incite fallouts which would bring immense excitement but ensuring that nothing untoward happens to them.


#3. City Island 3

This is one city building games free which is a sequel to the other popular Sparkling Society which was well accepted by player and this is an improvement on that.

Quick building possibilities with five upgrades possible simultaneously and with many state of the art developments that can be initiated the game is one of fun and total imagination.


#4. Village City Island Sim

Versatility at its best, as it is available in 18 different languages and the list still growing, these free city building games are a genre beyond its time and has excited many who have indulged in it.

The graphics are of the highest quality and a player could attract imaginary or virtual citizens from other cities to move over and take up residence here, and many other possibilities.


#5. The Battle of Polytopia

You could go back in history and inculcate all the knowledge you have of an era gone by and test your skills on the subject by developing a city in the past and slowly improving on it.

Players could select tribes and defend swathes of territory against other tribes and fight tribal wars to protect territory won and then build on them a paradise city for the future.


#6. Townsmen

Here you would go back to those medieval times when it was on horseback, swords and spears which were employed to capture hold then build towns which were later turned to cities.

The different seasons, weather patterns and many other imaginary changes could be made to make this one of the best city building games once you take it to heart and create something out of nothing.


#7. This War of Mine

The mix of action, strategy and adventure creates a new dimension to this exciting virtual building creativity considered also as one of the best city building games.

This is a game where survival is primary after a deluge has been created in an unpleasant environment which needs to be tackled imaginatively to survive and rebuild the city.


#8. Theo Town

Easy to play and no complicated plot to contend with but could be listed as a free city building game that has excitement and imagination at its best.

Could be equated to another SimCity game but has very smart graphics in the best pixel styles giving players the opportunity to create some very pragmatic solutions to the issues encountered.


#9. Townsmen Premium

A real game changer where players could mine for valuable ore, harvest crops and ensure the safety of the town by defending it against hostile forces, who would try to invade.

You could let your imagination run riot and build a medieval village and then convert it slowly into a town for the people who would live there, and that is not only what can be achieved but very much more.


#10. Designer City

There is no set game pattern and the player is able to use his or her imagination to bring forth some superlative ideas which would ensure that a city that is built remains unique.

There could be around 400 buildings which would make an urban city with everything that is needed to be as modern as possible, where those who live in it will have a life that you decide for them.

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