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Using an Android smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device has now become a necessity whereas it was termed as a luxury a few years ago.

The proliferation of the internet to every nook and corner of the world has put the Android smartphone just where it needs to be.

That is in the hands of those who want to keep themselves updated even when on the move by fiddling with their Android smartphones enjoying everything that it could bring onto its small screen.

A mobile device has now become an extension of each and everyone’s fashion statement and the smartphone that they would have with them would add to their personality.

Such is the importance that is extended to the smartphone you may have with you and in it you have most of what you could do even when you are out of home or office.

The Android smartphone could download a live tv app and allow the user to keep abreast with the latest news happening all around the world.

The live tv apk could bring the latest weather conditions, look up health related programs and a host of other television updates.

Having an Android smartphone in your hands accords you unlimited entertainment from music, to movies and everything else that is broadcasted free to air.

That would not be all, you could practically do most of your work too with your Android smartphone, check emails, playing games, browsing the internet and take pictures and record videos.

You could post them live onto social media, like Facebook, send messages and a host of other applications.

We list below some of the live tv app for android that are popular with users and are being downloaded and watched regularly.



You would need a good internet connection and you could have content and movies which you could download and watch in HD, with subtitles.

This is a free live tv streaming to watch and once you get the download screen just select your device and watch as much as you would like.



One of the most versatile and could be the best live tv app for android that is available and has a host of entertainment filled content, news, and more.

They are all free live tv streaming and would keep you engrossed with so many different type of small screen entertainment like none other.


#3. SPB TV

This is a free live tv app for android which would permit you to watch more than 200 channels in multiple languages of which you could pick out whatever as your favourites.

This is without doubt the best live tv app for android and once you have it on your smartphone there wouldn’t be a dull moment for you.


#4. NBC

Watch the NBC station on this free live tv app for android along with many of the TV shows put out from this station.

You could watch practically most of what is available by just downloading the link and you would have one of the best live tv app.



This popular and famous TV channel has opened up its screens with this free live tv app for android and with its host of entertainment available it is nothing but this for many.

You can test it free for 30 days and if you like it, which you are sure to do you could continue with a small fee.



If it is history that you would like then it is history that you would get, as the channel name itself suggests a must see for all those who love what happened with our ancestors.

It is a free live tv app for android and you could pick up any of the series that have been broadcast earlier and watch them wherever you may be.


#7. VIKI

All the programs come with subtitles and is also available in more than 150 languages which makes it one of the best live tv app for android and also has an Asian flavour to it.

It is a free live tv app for android so you just don’t pay anything but could keep yourself entertained when you are on the go or bored at home and want to watch something to entertain you.



Sony Pictures one of the giants in the movie industry brings forth this free live tv app fo android with monthly updates of what is made available to keep you well entertained.

You would be interrupted with advertisements but that is not much of a problem when this live tv app gives you the best entertainment nobody could match.

If it is entertainment unlimited that you would want and don’t want to pay anything then don’t look far this would be the place for you, so get onboard and enjoy.



You have to find the link and download the latest free live streaming app and once you have done it, there is entertainment galore for you at anytime anywhere, at no cost.

Watch a wide selection of television shows, movies, music and many others which are dished out to you to be seen on your Android smartphone.

Additional content is uploaded regularly and you don’t have to see the same thing always but move from one type of interest to another, could be one of the best live tv app for android.


#10. CBS

It is offered as a free live tv app for android for which you would have quite a number of channels that you could keep yourself entertained.

If you need more you could pay a nominal fee and add on some more channels with the live tv apk, but if you are a real entertainment buff a few more dollars would give you access to all they have to offer.



The above list contains just some of the free live tv app for android but there are many which are numerous to listed out.

Check these out they could be considered as the best live tv app for android smartphones.

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