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Rеviеw: lеd vs lcd (Screens, TVs & Monitors)

Crеаting оr uрgrаding a hоmе thеаtеr ѕеtuр оftеn comes dоwn to оnе major ԛuеѕtiоn: lеd vs lcd? Whаt kind оf TV…

Infinix Note 3

Review: Infinix Note 3. Specs, Features and Price

We all know the benefits of Smartphone. But the problem comes when we are choosing what phone to purchase. Suppose you choose a…


How To Make A Private Call – 4 Awesome Ways

Still wondering how to make your number private or how to make a private call or even how to call with…

iphone tracking app

5 Awesome Ways How To Track An Iphone Without An App

When you buy an iPhone it is imperative that you download and install the most commonly used “Find my iPhone app”,…

iphone tracking app

Top Tracking Apps For Iphone You Didn’t Know

Why would anyone need an iphone tracking app, surely you are not working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or the Federal Bureau…


Top 10 Best Paid SEO Tools Available To Consider

It is never possible for you to optimize your website on the search engines, without seeking the assistance of SEO tools….

top free seo tools. photo-pixabay

Top 10 Free SEO Tools That You Should Be Using

You don’t always need to spend your money to get your hands on SEO tools. If you do a simple research…

cms africa kigali

How It All Went At The CMS Africa Summit Kigali 2018

Well, this blog post could have come a bit earlier some days after the summit, but then, I was a bit…


MTN Uganda Slashes Prices of Data Packages. See How Ugandans Reacted

Do you remember the bad old days when one had to pay a monthly subscription called service fee, then had to…


Beginner’s Guide: How To Design A Website Without Writing A Single Line Of Code

I suppose that by the time you searched for how to Design A Website Without Writing A Single Line Of Code,  you…