10 Best Scholarship Websites On The Internet

Scholarship search engines or scholarship finder or even best scholarship websites, regardless of how you call them, these are websites every scholar would enjoy browsing.

With the ever increasing education costs, you may be wondering where you will get funding for your next education adventure, or your child’s education. A scholarship would do you good. Yes, it is always relieving having a scholarship. However, getting to such an opportunity may be quite a hustle, however, the web is full of such scholarship websites or term it as a scholarship finder that brings you scholarships that you may be interested in.

So this time round, i had done the homework for you. Today I intend to share with you about the best scholarship websites on the internet that you will definitely find the most amazing scholarship opportunities. With these, you never know where your next career development opportunity will lead you because they just bring you what you need.

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The Best Scholarship Websites To Land Your Dream Course


This site is not just a name, it is a site where you find both scholarships and colleges that are perfect for you. You can specify what you want on this scholarship finder engine and be given the options that best fit your specified field. In addition to this, the avails you with enough information about alternative forms of financial aid. This site updates daily and provides new information on new scholarships and opportunities. With, it is easy to see how many awards are given with each scholarship listing and you can even be well assured of privacy regarding your personal information.

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Cappex is one of the largest scholarship search engines with a large scholarship database of about more than $11 billion in scholarships and is fairly selective with the scholarships they list. This site gives you an option of making a choice out of the categories for future reference and use. These are whether you will apply, whether you might apply and whether you will not apply. Just like, the cappex site also avails you with information about how much an award is worth and it also gives you an easy to apply. This is sure a good site to find your next scholarship opportunity.

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3. is a free scholarship finder website and their database provides you access to more than 1 million undergraduate, graduate, and professional scholarship awards.  With, you don’t need to sign up or even make an account to use the search list on their website. This makes searching for your interest scholarship easier than all other sites and they present to you your scholarship options from your search.

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CollegeNET is a bit different from other scholarship search engine websites because it is a technology company that specialises in developing web-based tools for event and academic scheduling, admissions management and tuition processing among others for colleges and universities. CollegeNET has a huge number of scholarships and you can search by keyword or create your profile to get filtered results. Also, its scholarships are listed by their award amounts, and they put a list starting with the highest payout.

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Fastweb is another great free site where you can find thousands of scholarships at your fingertips with helpful career planning services and learning tools for you after registering with them. They are an organised website because they list scholarships in order of application deadline so that you don’t have to worry about checking out awards where the deadline’s already passed. In addition to this, Fastweb avails you with basic information on eligibility requirements and the award amounts which help you get to an organised search of your interest scholarship.

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6. is an amazing scholarship search website where to apply for scholarships, you will have to create a username and profile that will help the site find scholarships that are specifically relevant to your interests. is unique and it has a famous award called the Weekly Three Sentence Essay Scholarship, where you must generate a 280-character essay. This is a simple way you can land on your next scholarship.

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7. Peterson’s

Peterson’s is also a great scholarship website and is considered to be among the best scholarship websites on the internet. It raises around $10 billion in scholarship awards. Its other feature is that it has a collection of articles, test prep resources and many more. Petersons has search filters designed to make navigating its multitude of scholarships very easy for you as you go through to get the scholarship of your interests.

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The College Board does not need you to first sign to find the scholarship options and it has a scholarship database that contains more than 2,300 scholarship opportunities that total nearly $3 billion. In addition to this, the College Board offers other financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs because its search results give you an option to select whether you’d like to search for awards based on financial need, academic achievement, or both, which is a great feature.

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9. Niche

Niche is also another great scholarship finder where you do not need to sign up in order to search for their scholarship resources and they give you a variety of options to navigate through in order to land on your next scholarship. It should be noted that Niche was formerly known as College Prowler, and you can browse through this site by categories of anything you want. It could be the site that has your next scholarship opportunity.

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10. Chegg

Starting as an online textbook store, Chegg has expanded into an online education resource centre and now has scholarship databases that are around $1 billion. Just like some other scholarship finder websites, Chegg requires you to first sign up in order to navigate through their scholarship opportunities that come along with homework help, tutoring, test prep, internships and many more resources. Chegg is definitely a site you must visit for your next scholarship opportunity.

I would not end this article without mentioning a search engine like Google that gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility to search for your choice scholarship opportunity provided you know the right keywords. Google makes the search very easy and when you add on the above-mentioned websites, then you are sure to land on your next scholarship.

In conclusion:

Coming up with this article on scholarship search engines or scholarship finder or even best scholarship websites required alot of research. I totally deeped myself into forums where many seekers shared their reviews and feedback. Let me know in the comment box below about your best scholarship search engines or any addition.

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